• June 16

    A Tournament To Remember In Thetan Arena This Summer

    A Tournament To Remember In Thetan Arena This Summer

    Summer is for having the most fun of the year before the weather starts getting cold. Since Summer Vibes was rolled out at the beginning of this season, Thetan Arena players have been able to experience tons of new content, including new maps and the Daily Quest feature. 

    Summer Vibes is followed by the release of Summer Box bundles, and users can acquire Chef Octopus along with three new skins when purchasing the bundles. As these NFTs are now playable in Thetan Arena, users can use them to participate in the Summer Tournament and earn gTHG as rewards

    Details about the tournament

    How to join: 

    1. Connect to Thetan Arena's Marketplace: https://marketplace.thetanarena.com
    2. Select the "Special Event" tab 
    3. Click on “Special Tournament”

    Required heroes for the tournament (NFT heroes only)

    Time & rewards

    • 7AM LATAM time / 5PM SEA time, June 18th - 22nd
    • Daily reward pool: 1,000 gTHG
    • Leaderboard for top 30 players

    Tips in the tournament

    • Make use of the battle format and the type of battle you’re best at
    • Obtain more NFT heroes so you can earn more from the tournament
    • Higher places on the leaderboard come with bigger shares from the reward pool