• May 19

    Festive Summer Vibes With Thetan Arena

    Festive Summer Vibes With Thetan Arena

    There are many reasons Summer might be the best season of all.

    • This period is the prime time for festivals and events
    • We get to see the nature and wildlife in their full glory
    • There is a lot to enjoy when the sun is shining, from barbecuing to swimming to canoeing to paddle boarding.

    And a lot more.

    The season is ideal for creating a lot of fun, and that is exactly what Thetan Arena is going to do with the upcoming Summer Vibes update.

    If Spring was for Thetan Arena to make a mark with the THG Staking program and Private Sales, then Summer is for taking the experience to a new level and delivering what the player-base has been expecting for so long.

    No doubt one of the most highly anticipated features by the players. The reason for that is because Fusion allows players to fuse heroes, especially those that reached the end of the life-cycle (gTHC Battles) and can no longer be used for earning in the game, to create a new hero of a higher value.

    Details about Fusion will be released very soon.

    New Hero
    If Spring was for Cala to make an impression with her prominent debut, then Summer is for another hero to make his bones in Thetan Arena. This new hero is going to be the key to victory due to the ability to turn the tide in every battle.

    New hero skins
    What is an update without new hero skins? Thetan Arena is releasing up to 3 new skins based on the summer theme. One thing is guaranteed: These skins are going to remind the players what summer is all about: enjoyment and fun.

    • Ghost Captain Meiko
    • Boombi Shark Culien
    • Lifeguard El Dragon

    A New Map: Treasure Island
    Why are summer beaches associated with islands? Because that is where the fun is supposed to happen! 

    The new map is going to be named “Treasure Island”, and it’s not only for battling but also for the players to enjoy the scenery and diversify their battle strategies by placing obstacles. “Treasure Island” can be applied for all game modes, and this is the first time Battle Royale is going to take place on a different map.

    Daily Quests
    Gamers are no strangers to the concept of daily quests. Thetan Arena players will be able to complete extra tasks every day and receive their well-earned rewards. These rewards can be used for upgrading heroes and purchasing items, which will boost the gaming experience.

    Summer Vibes is the opportunity not only for Thetan Arena players to have a blast but also for our team to push the limit and get more creative to continue to create new content that will keep Thetan Arena fresh and enjoyable for our player-base.

    Besides the in-game content coming with the update, we have also made adjustments to the marketplace to optimise the on-chain data. At the same time, Thetan Arena heroes are now available for purchase on Codashop, enabling players to buy Velvet at a 30% discount until 27th March.

    Down the line, we will continue to optimise the marketplace and landing page, making all information about Thetan Arena more accessible to new entrants and investors.