• June 06

    The Fourth Fusion Is Here To Kickstart A New Month

    The Fourth Fusion Is Here To Kickstart A New Month

    Last summer saw the debut of the long-anticipated Fusion as part of Summer Vibes. This summer, we are bringing back the special event along with all the associated benefits

    • Fusion is the ideal occasion to fuse NFT heroes with exhausted gTHC Battle points to acquire new NFT heroes
    • The output NFT heroes will be either Epic or Legendary
    • In addition to the acquired NFT heroes, participants will receive the gTHG reward from the leaderboard based on the number of fusion sessions. The tip is to stock up on as many heroes as possible so that you can fuse as much as you wish.

    The event will take place on the marketplace during the June 7 - 14 period; The output hero pool will be changed on June 11.

    Once the event concludes, all the heroes in the pool will be unavailable in the Thetan Boxes for one month. So do not forget to participate in the event to get your desired heroes.