• July 20 • THETAN NEWS

    Thetan Arena - Summer Tournament is Back, Get the Summer Box and Gear Up

    Thetan Arena - Summer Tournament is Back, Get the Summer Box and Gear Up

    Thetan Arena, The Best Mobile Game 2022, brings you the Summer Tournament with fiery Deathmatch fights from 32 teams worldwide. Thetan Arena - Summer Tournament is open for registration from July 22 to 29. Don't miss this chance to play or vote.

    All Thetanians can participate in the Summer Tournament with a few easy steps. First, you go to the Marketplace and get the Summer Box with NFT Hero, Cosmetics, Power points, and Tournament Ticket rewards.

    You sign up for the Summer Tournament at Gafin. The bracket and match schedule information will be emailed to you from Gafin.

    The Summer Tournament is a joint event between Thetan Arena and Gafin with a total prize value of 1,500 USD in BUSD and Gafin tokens.

    • Champion ($500 BUSD & $250 GaFin Token)
    • Runner-up ($200 BUSD & $150 GaFin Token )
    • Top 3-4: $200 GaFin Token
    • Top 5-8: $200 GaFin Token

    Support your favorite team, vote to win a big prize pool

    You don't have to play to win. You can also earn big prizes by voting for the teams you like. Just use the Tournament Ticket you get from the Summer Box and pick the team you think will be the champion. The prize pool will be shared among the voters who guessed right.

    • Voting period: July 30 - Aug 5
    • Prize pool: 300 BUSD
    • Grab your Summer Box from the Marketplace
    • Claim your Box and get your Ticket
    • Cast your vote for the Summer Tournament winner on Gafin

    Thetan Arena Tournaments are here again. Don't stop training for the thrilling matches of Thetan Arena's upcoming fabulous seasons.

    We appreciate PlanckX to sponsor the tournament. PlanckX is an aggregated platform for Web3 games that provides comprehensive services from marketing to supporting the trade of game assets. It is a platform where game developers can create a series of tasks with rewards to attract web3 players. Meanwhile, web3 players can earn rewards by playing games and completing the listed tasks. (Website: https://planckx.io/)