• June 08

    #ThetanTalks series: Behind The Creation of Chef Octopus

    #ThetanTalks series: Behind The Creation of Chef Octopus

    This summer, Thetan Arena is releasing an update called “Summer Vibes”, which will contain plenty of new game content, including a new hero. As a blockchain-based MOBA, Thetan Arena emphasises the diversity of heroes who come with various designs, skills, and stories. The same principle applies to the upcoming new hero named Chef Octopus.

    The idea for this new hero came from a collection of data from the Game Design department that sowed the seeds of a topic: For a battle to go in one’s favour, both offensive and defensive tactics are required. In Thetan Arena, all heroes possess the skills (aka fury) to inflict severe damage on the enemies, yet none can shield themselves from the attack. In other words, the game lacks heroes of a supportive nature.

    With those findings, the Game Design department began developing a new hero, starting with a concept using a real-life reference: What would a support hero be like? Think of a person or an important object that helps human beings get through the day and tough situations. Food would be the first answer that came to many minds due to its various functions: Provision of energy, repairment of the body, psychological stimulation, the symbolism of social life, and so on. And when it comes to the answer to the question “Who makes the food”, a chef is the perfect answer.

    With the concept comes the design of the hero - not only the look but also the role in battles. Inspired by the octopus-like monster in the famous cartoon Monsters, Inc. and Hatchan, an octopus fish-man in One Piece, the new hero was also designed to be an octopus, hence the name Chef Octopus. Another reason for the artistic choice is the upcoming Summer Vibes update, associated with islands and beaches.

    Sketches of Chef Octopus from the Design department

    The finalized design of Chef Octopus

    A hero as a source of life

    As for the attack, Chef Octopus uses the food on his plate as a weapon. Each attack is executed with a piece of sushi, either inflicting damage if it hits the enemies or restoring HP if it hits the allies. This is the first time a hero’s attack has more than one function. It is important to note that as a support, he is not to be treated as an absolute tank.

    Chef Octopus’s fury is as unique as the hero himself. By creating an aura, Chef Octopus will restore the HP of all allies within the vicinity. At the same time, the fury will drop several flashy items in the shape of a shrimp on the ground, and allies who pick up those items will receive a temporary boost in attack. Such a fury further solidifies Chef Octopus’s role as a support.

    Most of the time, an idea or concept looks glorious on paper, yet it’s the execution that determines the quality of the final output. In the case of Thetan Arena, a concept is transferred to the Art department, which will turn it into reality.

    A good starting point when discussing this matter is the appearance of Chef Octopus, the finalisation of which was arrived at after plenty of options had been filtered out. The objective is that the hero had to match the vibe of the game: Fun, light-hearted, and new player-friendly. At the same time, the appearance has to reflect the very own characters of the hero. As a result, Chef Octopus ended up with his final look.

    Despite him coming off as a little grumpy, the moustache gives him a more mature look compared to other heroes. Many might consider him a father or master figure, which from a perspective makes sense given his support role.

    Chef Octopus is designed to wear a hat with the Japanese word 大 (meaning “big”) on it, which depicts the Japanese origin of the hero, thus explaining the sushi being used for his attack. The authenticity is boosted even further when the voiceover is done by a Japanese voice actor.

    Talents from the Art department, the team behind all the artworks of Thetan Arena

    With regards to the technical process, which is plenty, it includes modelling, animation, VFX, and other minor ones. One by one is responsible for by a small group. Specifically, the team working on Chef Octopus from the Art department has two 2D concept artists, two 3D artists, and one VFX artist. Each of these individuals not only has the expertise but also carries a passion for the gaming industry. Due to this, despite the process of creating a new hero taking on average a whole month, there was little friction along the way. With such unity, the player-base can expect more exciting game content to be delivered from the team of Thetan Arena in the future.