• December 07

    Thetan Arena To Present The Thetan 184 NFT Collection In Celebration Of The 1st Anniversary

    Thetan Arena To Present The Thetan 184 NFT Collection In Celebration Of The 1st Anniversary

    The 1st birthday of Thetan Arena is a remarkable occasion for the development team to take pride in, and this is also the opportunity for the game to get closer to the global public. Over the past year, we had the pleasure of getting to know and establishing partnerships with various prestigious entities in the industry, who will join us to celebrate this anniversary and cheers to a journey that is awaiting.

    Singapore, 6th Dec 2022 - Thetan Arena is launching the Thetan 184 NFT collection on the one-year anniversary of the game’s release, bringing the Thetanians community many offers as a token of gratitude for the community’s support since its inception. The Thetan ecosystem will continue to expand with Thetan Rivals planning to welcome millions of users in 2023.

    Numerous records have been achieved, and more will be

    Launched at the end of November 2021, Thetan Arena is a blockchain-based eSports MOBA game that has attracted millions of users globally. The game continues to bring up the heat through a series of releases and events, such as the global Rise of Helios tournament, and the introduction of new in-game heroes like Cala and Chef Octopus. At the same time, the community has been growing rapidly, reaching about 25 million members after one year. These numbers are impressive for a GameFi project and set Thetan Arena on a journey full of exciting things to come.

    Thetan 184 NFTs and many engaging anniversary celebration activities

    The Thetan Arena 1-Year Anniversary celebration will take place from December 5, 2022, to January 5, 2023, with various rolled-out activities at https://1year.thetanarena.com. By visiting the landing page, Thetan Arena users can review their personal records in the project, including the number of matches they have fought, their favourite heroes and skills, and their number of friends in the game.

    Best Fan Check-in is an exciting contest for Thetanians from different countries to come together and have fun. The tasks are very simple: Check in as much as possible to put your country on the top of the Check-in leaderboard and receive exclusively-designed rewards for the winning country. In addition, participating in the contest will allow Thetanians to receive the Birthday Gift Box from Thetan Arena.

    In conjunction with the anniversary celebration, many other events and activities in Thetan Arena are taking place with plenty of rewards up for grabs, namely BNB Chain’s Football Fiesta, the upcoming Giftmas Fortune Wheel and Mythical Christmas season programs.

    In regards to the Thetan 184 NFTs, the collection will be released in four chapters, with the opening Chapter 1: The OGs accessible from December 9. Valuable items will accompany the NFTs, including the Thetan Book, a Thetan Hero figure, and other physical merchandise. The Thetan 184 NFT collection will also be one of the first BNB Chain NFT kits available on OpenSea.

    Sustainability and benefits of the community come first

    In celebration of the 1st anniversary, Thetan Arena CEO sends his gratitude to the community, as well as the partners, investors, and guilds, thanks to whom the project has arrived to where it is at the very moment. Looking at the past year, the team at Wolffun Game becomes more motivated to actively develop and expand the Thetan ecosystem, starting with Thetan Rivals, a casual game product that is currently in its open beta and scheduled to launch in 2023.

    A one-year duration might not seem significant for a game given how massive the whole industry is, but for a GameFi project, it is the foundation for sustainability and represents our long-term commitment to the project, making a path for the expansion of the Thetan ecosystem. The first step in that expansion is the launch of Thetan Rivals, a more light-hearted and casual gaming experience that has already seen thousands of gamers hopping on the ride in its open beta. To keep up the momentum, we will continue to deliver new content and programs in Thetan Arena simultaneously with the official launch of Thetan Rivals in early 2023. We strongly believe the path we are on will lead us to achieve the ultimate goal, which is an enriched ecosystem along with stabilized, beneficial tokenomics for our community.”

    “By now, Wolffun Game is having around 100 talents with exceptional expertise in the gaming industry. We are not simply a group of individuals coming together, but an entity whose members all share the devotion to bring our projects closer to the masses. Believe that the world is going to see more of us in 2023. Once again, we extend our gratitude to the Thetanian community and every user who has been sticking by us.” - CEO Thetan Arena, Eric Khanh Nguyen.