• June 06

    The Meaning of Fusion

    The Meaning of Fusion

    Even before the official launch, Fusion had long been anticipated by players and investors of Thetan Arena. The feature was the opportunity for them to receive more valuable NFT heroes by fusing old ones and launched as a 7-day special event on 23rd May. 

    The team at Thetan was putting heart and soul into Fusion, knowing how much expectation the community had for it. Following the release of the event, Fusion went on to become the most impactful program to ever be launched by Thetan Arena, doubling the price of the THC token.

    During those 7 days, Fusion was receiving lots of love from the community and attracted hundreds of users. In total, more than 2,000 heroes of Epic and Legendary rarities were produced. Players were able to acquire some of the hottest heroes in Thetan Arena, such as Cala, Godz-rilla, and Elf Guardian. These heroes are not only the main contribution to the fun factor in the game but also valuable assets to NFT holders of Thetan Arena.

    Fusion was followed up by a special tournament, allowing users to use the heroes obtained from Fusion to join exclusive battles and earn gTHG rewards.

    For every Legendary hero received from Fusion, users would receive a ticket to attend Lucky Draw, gaining the opportunity to win a new hero or one of the 3 new skins as part of “Summer Vibes”.

    The launch of Fusion allows Thetan Arena to prioritize the experience of the community. It is also Thetan Arena’s response to the bearish trend by creating more use cases for the THC token, increasing the token price. The event shall open many doors for Thetan Arena to focus on creating more benefits for players and investors.

    On a side note, congratulations to all winners in Lucky Draw who got to take home the new hero and skins as prizes.

    1st prize of Lucky Draw: A max-levelled new Legendary hero Chef Octopus
    Two 2nd prizes of Lucky Draw: Meiko - Ghost Captain skin
    Three 3rd prizes: El Dragon - Lifeguard skin
    Ten Consolation prizes: Culien - Boombi Shark skin