• May 23

    Take Home The Max-Levelled Hero from Lucky Draw

    Take Home The Max-Levelled Hero from Lucky Draw

    Details about the Fusion special event
    Learn how to use Fusion like an expert

    [Summer Treasure] - Giveaway live streaming session 2nd June, 2022

    Fusion is a special event that has been expected by the community of Thetan Arena players and investors, allowing them to fuse heroes to obtain new heroes of higher rarity and has more value.

    In order to elevate Fusion, Thetan Arena is hosting a Lucky Draw, which is taking place after the special event, creating the opportunity for users to obtain a brand new hero that has never been seen in Thetan Arena.


    • For each Legendary hero a player gets from Fusion, one ticket for joining the giveaway shall be generated
    • After Fusion has concluded, an email will be sent out to the players with the ticket, user ID, and streaming time attached

    Giveaway prizes:

    • 1st prize: The new hero | NFT | Legendary
    • 2nd prize & 3rd prize: New hero skin | NFT | Epic
    • 10 lucky prizes: New hero skin | NFT | Common

    The live streaming session will take place on 2nd June, and the prizes will be handed out from 12th to 16th June.