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    [Smart Corner] How to Fuse like an Expert

    [Smart Corner] How to Fuse like an Expert

    Thetan Arena’s upcoming update - #
    SummerVibe will soon be launched in upcoming weeks and feature many exciting content, including one of the most anticipated: HERO FUSION.

    VENUE: https://marketplace.thetanarena.com/

    DURATION: 23rd MAY - 30th MAY

    This guide aims to give you a better overview of Fusion and fuse like an expert. Let’s check it out below:

    *Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only

    On https://marketplace.thetanarena.com/, select “Special Event” on the feature ribbon, then choose “Hero Fusion”

    This is the main dashboard of Hero Fusion. Let’s roll down the page a little bit, and BEHOLD.

    This is the main section where you can fuse your Heroes. These important information below will help you fuse effectively:

    • Input Heroes: you have to choose 3 Heroes of your possession to create a brand-new one.
    • Output Heroes: this is the Hero that you are guaranteed to receive after the fusion. You will also have the option to refresh to get another Hero.
      • The Output Hero will be randomly selected by the system
      • The Output Hero always has more value than the 3 material heroes.
      • If you don’t like the output hero, you always have the option to refresh to get another Hero.

    • Number of “Turn”: There are 2 different pools of output Heroes. You have to complete a fusion turn to move to the next one. You can view which Heroes are featured in the pool by hovering the cursor on the button “.” below the output Hero’s avatar. Legendary Heroes from the output will affect your chance to win the Lucky Draw giveaway. More details are contained below this guide.

    • Time left to “Change”: Hero #1 and #2 will be appointed by our system. If you want to replace them for another ones, simply wait until the countdown is done and those 2 Heroes will be changed.

    Let’s choose Hero #1.

    With Hero #3, you can choose any Hero you want, but consider carefully and remember that this is a great chance so you can discard your unfavorite Heroes as well as ones with little or no gTHC battles left.

    When all 03 Heroes are selected, the “Fuse” button will be available along with the cost. This cost is determined by the total value of the 3 input Heroes, according to their Rarity, Level, and gTHC Battles left.

    In short: the higher these values are, the lower the cost is, and vice versa.

    With Fusion, the output Hero is meant to have a higher value than the 3 input Heroes combined, which is calculated by our system. Otherwise, you will receive a message:

    Alright. After choosing all 3 Heroes to fuse, proceed to check out your transaction.

    Check all the details before completing the fusion.

    Congratulations. You have successfully received a brand-new Hero to continue your journey in Thetan Arena.

    Remember the Fusion Reward on the top of the dashboard?

    After the fusion, the progression will increase according to the THC spent and you will receive gTHG, transferred directly to your Vesting Safe.

    If your number of fusion and THC spent is exceptional, you will have a chance to achieve a place on the Fusion Competition leaderboard and receive even better rewards.

    We will also have a little giveaway event called “Lucky Draw” to appreciate passionate participants. For each Legendary Hero you get from Hero Fusion, you will also receive a ticket of this giveaway and have a chance to win the new Hero FULLY UPGRADED, exclusive from the Summer Vibe update.

    For more details about the event, please visit: https://news.thetanarena.com/get-your-new-heroes-with-long-awaited-fusion

    Hope you guys have a good understanding of the feature now. The clock is ticking, be well-prepared as the moment strikes.

    As always, STAY TUNED.