• April 20

    Your Own Battles, Your Own Fun with Custom Battle V2

    Your Own Battles, Your Own Fun with Custom Battle V2

    Ever since the introduction of the concept, MOBA has proven to be an effective means not only for diversifying how people can have fun by playing games, but also for connecting the global public to one another.

    The inception of Thetan Arena was based on that, as the project aims to create its own realm where MOBA gamers around the world can come together and create a lot of memories. And with the release of Custom Battle V2, which comes with the Mega Update, Thetan Arena is taking that experience to the next level.

    Since the beginning of Thetan Arena, one of the main focuses has been on how much fun the player-base can have through fighting in-game battles. We also have been launching many programs as well as tournaments, namely Thetan Tournament and Rise of Helios, to elevate the fun factor of the project as Thetanians can enjoy the game and earn rewards at the same time.

    The integration of Custom Battle V2 is Thetan Arena’s next step of putting a stronger emphasis on the connection between the members of the player-base. Specifically, the players are now able to create their private space for battling, with the players and live spectators determined by a host of the private battle.

    General rules

    • A player can access Custom Battle after the 10th battle
    • Both NFT heroes and non-NFT heroes can join a custom battle, which means all players can create a private space to play with others.
    • The available game modes in Custom Battle are Tower Destroy, Deathmatch, and Superstar/
    • To make a battle more balanced, both the level and trophy class of all heroes will be at the maximum.
    • A battle can be started despite 2 teams not having an equal amount of players
    • As the main purpose of Custom Battle is for players to have their private spaces, there is no reward after the battle.
    • Skills that are blocked Ranking are not allowed in Custom Battle

    Rules for Host, participants, and spectators

    • The player who creates a private battle will become the host, who has the authority to take the following actions:
      • Set a password for the room
      • Assign the roles for other players (players & live spectators) and transfer the role of the host to another player.
        • A maximum of 3 live spectators are allowed in each room
      • Invite other players into the battle as well as to kick them out. Those who are kicked out of a custom battle will not be able to rejoin in 3 minutes.
      • Choose the game mode and map for the battle
      • Add bots to the battle

    With the launch of Custom Battle, Thetan Arena players are finally able to customize their own experience in the game. With the feature, all players can create their own spaces where they get to enjoy the game with their friends and family to make great memories.

    One small tip for the players: Make use of Custom Battle and create your own training room to upgrade your battle skills, so you can start climbing up the ladder and become one of the best heroes.

    The whole experience is all yours. Log in to the game, and we will see you on the battlefield.