• April 09

    Thetan Arena Is Kicking It Into High Gear

    Thetan Arena Is Kicking It Into High Gear

    The second quarter always starts with April Fools, but every action of Thetan Arena always stays true to our goal, which is to connect with gamers, guilds, streamers / creators, and investors.

    There ain't no better way of achieving such a big goal than by deploying activities on all sides, that way not only Thetan Arena can create more connection with the public, but also the community can have plenty of fun with our activities.

    Despite all things going on with the project, this is not our final stop. There are so many plans in store that we cannot wait to deliver to our community.

    The adventure of Thetan Arena is going to be long, but in the end, it's all going to be worth it.

    Community programs:
    - Hero Hunt
    - Lucinista Series
    - Top Active Members

    Guild program:
    - Guild Accelerator Program

    Creator programs:
    - Creator Corner
    - Hero Master livestream series