• April 12

    A Mega Update With All The Mega Experiences

    A Mega Update With All The Mega Experiences

    Thetan Arena has been striving to expand the community and bring Thetan World closer to the world.

    Achieving such a big goal is not an easy task, but we believe that with determination, nothing is out of our reach.

    Thetan Arena on a non-stop journey 

    Our team has been putting our main focus on strengthening and balancing the tokenomics.
    Simultaneously, one of our main goals for Thetan Arena is to keep the gaming experience fresh and engaging.

    After much thorough research and calculations, we are very confident and excited to announce the upcoming Mega Update, which are going to come many new features that is guaranteed deliver plenty of excitement.

    1. Minigames:
    Our playerbase has been enjoying fighting battles, which is the core of the game. Now the question is: Are you ready to multiply that enjoyment?
    Play-to-Earn - as fascinating as it sounds - requires a lot of effort. How about Relax-and-Earn, especially the minigame feature that is going to be integrated into the Marketplace?
    The Marketplace ain't going to be solely for trading activities, but also where our players can have a great time and start earning gTHC and gTHG. There is going to be more than one game and more than one way to earn through the minigames.

    2. Custom Battle v2: Thetan Arena Esports is coming true
    Sometimes, fun is not the only thing players look for in a game. There has to be freedom, and that we are going to deliver with the new version of Custom Battle.
    Players will be able to customize their battles in respect to who are going to join the battles.
    What's the meaning of this? It means not only the game mode will be more diversified, but we are getting closer to achieving the big dream for Thetan Arena, which is to become the first Blockchain-based Esport game.

    3. In-game shop for PC players
    The heroes are not only the protagonists of the game, but also the valuable assets that bring our players to the top.
    In the past, a few ways a player can purchase heroes is by doing so in the Marketplace or in the in-game shop in the mobile app.
    That is going to be changed for the PC players, as they will be able to purchase heroes in the PC app.

    4. Cala
    "It's a good life we lead, brother."
    "The best. May it never change."
    One of the famous conversations that make many gamers dream to become an assassin. And Thetan Arena players can finally live that dream when Cala makes her debut in Thetan Arena.
    A hero with an intriguing backstory, Cala is not only going to steal the hearts of Thetanians, but she is also going to scar the souls of all enemies!

    This Mega update is going to widen the landscape of Thetan Arena. At the same time, we will see how we are progressing in building the Thetan World.