Q1: We love the gameplay design in Thetan Arena! Can you introduce us to Thetan Arena and explain your project to those unfamiliar with it?

Thetan Arena is a blockchain-based play-to-earn game, and our goal is to create a social circle for gamers through fun and exciting gaming experiences. To achieve that, our game combines the strategic element of MOBA and the competitive element of Battle Royale. Doing so diversifies the gameplay with a wide variety of game modes and heroes, which has helped us attract millions of players around the globe.

The game is developed by Wolffun Game, the Vietnamese studio that also developed Tank Raid and Heroes Strike, the latter of which was named “Editor’s Choice” by the Google Play Store and opened doors for the development of Thetan Arena. By playing the game, our players can collect rewards in the form of NFTs, Thetan Coin (THC), or Thetan Gem (THG) and use them for economic purposes.

As a play-to-earn title, Thetan Arena is more than just a game. Our mission is to serve as a platform for connecting crypto investors and gamers. The investors can also be the players, the guild partners, or even streamers. What we are aiming to create is a sustainable ecosystem that will drive the growth of the whole sector.

Q2: How about the dev team behind the project?

In the beginning, Wolffun Game was founded in 2016 with only a handful of members by our CEO Nguyen Dinh Khanh, whose speciality is online mobile PvP games. The team started working on a casual game, which got 50 thousand downloads at that time. Our very first online game was a hybrid pet game named Tomcat in Space, which is considered the first milestone and was succeeded by Tank Raid and Heroes Strike that we mentioned above.

As we continued to expand our projects, we also focused on recruiting new and young talents. By now, the team working on Thetan Arena has around 80 members (full-time employees), along with more than 20 freelancers. There are so many individuals with different backgrounds and expertise in our team, but we all share the same passion for what we do. Our core members have a deep understanding of blockchain, and we use it to stick to our vision: to create sustainable benefits for the community.

We also receive support from our wide network of partners and guilds, who join hands with us to expand the community of Thetan Arena, bringing in new players and investors.

Q3: As far as we know, the project has been running for a while and has been very successful. Can you share a few notable project milestones?

What we have accomplished wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our community, guilds, and partners. We look at that as an encouragement to keep focusing on delivering the best experiences for players and investors.

Since Thetan Arena was introduced back in November 2021, we have got 24 million downloads, and that we consider a huge milestone for not only Thetan Arena, but Wolffun Game as well. Within the first few months after launch, we were extremely busy with promotional activities to establish partnerships with streamers and guilds to grow the community. As a result, Thetan Arena was listed among the top five most downloaded blockchain-based games that were released in 2021.

From the second quarter of 2022, we began picking up the pace, starting with the THG Staking program. This is the first large-scale program that we kicked off after the launch of Thetan Arena. It allowed our holders to make use of the THG token and generate more profits, either from high APR or from buying from private sales. Amazingly, within 24 hours after the program started, $1,000,000 THG was staked by over 100,000 THG holders. Honestly speaking, we were astounded by how well-received THG Staking was.

Of course, that was not our only focus. Our players’ gaming experience is forever among our priorities. That is the premise for Rise of Helios, Thetan Arena’s first esports tournament, which was hosted in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Esports had always been our dream even before Thetan Arena came out, so with Rise of Helios, we are very happy that we finally achieved that dream.

Another milestone I’m also willing to share is the launch of our African server. The player-base of Thetan Arena is global, and Africa, despite being thousands of miles away from Wolffun Game, is the home region of many hardcore players. By setting up the server, we ensure our players in that region can enjoy the game without having to worry about latency.

Last but not least, we launched a special event called Fusion in May. This feature had been demanded by our players and investors for a long time because it allowed them to fuse the NFT heroes in their inventories to acquire more valuable heroes. Due to the success of the event, the THC token increased in price. It is not an exaggeration to say that Fusion has become the most well-received program from Thetan Arena until now.

We were able to accomplish so much within just the second quarter of 2022, and it is definitely not our final stop. We have many plans in mind (and the roadmap also), and cannot wait to deliver them to the community.

Q4: At the moment, the market is suffering a cold winter. Does Thetan Arena have any warm-up strategy in this bear market?

It is a tough situation for investors as well as many projects right now. But as we know, the economy goes up and down, and the crypto market happens to be more volatile than the traditional market. So our strategy is to stick to what we do best, which is to keep rolling out content that serves the interest of our players. Talking about the cold winter, we will bring on the heat with the Summer Vibes campaign. It’s going to be the best thing yet before we step into the next quarter.

Our team has also taken action to improve the performance of our on-chain data, allowing us to analyze behaviour and gain insights into our users’ mindsets. At the same time, the token’s value depends on its use case, which is also one of our main focuses. One example is the Fusion special event we mentioned above, which doubled the price of the THC token despite the bearish trend.

Q5: Speaking about the Summer Vibes campaign, can you tell us more about the event?

There is a lot to talk about in the Summer Vibes campaign. It is aligned with the summer season, so our focus is on the fun factor as we are releasing plenty of new game content. This is perhaps the most content we have ever delivered in one campaign, talking about quantity.

Let’s talk about the new hero, who seems to have stolen all the spotlight even before the official launch. This is a hero that players have never seen before, not on any social media post, or in any materials that we have published, and that is because it is 100% new.

The idea for this new hero came up when we were analyzing the in-game data, which showed Thetan Arena was lacking a support hero in the game. If you look from the players’ perspective, the existence of a hero of a different nature will change how they approach every battle and diversify the in-game strategies. So one thing can be guaranteed: as soon as this new hero is released, the landscape of the game will change tremendously.

Of course, such a big campaign would not be complete without new hero skins. We are introducing up to three new skins based on the sea theme along with a new map called “Treasure Island”.

Last but not least, we are integrating new features into both the game and the marketplace. There is going to be “Daily Quest”, as you can tell by the name, a new in-game feature that allows our players to complete gameplay-related tasks every day to earn more rewards. With the other two programs called “Welcome Gifts” and “Marketplace Referral”, we are aiming to expand the player-base of Thetan Arena as well as encourage old users to reactivate the game and enjoy the new content.

Q6: It seems that many events are coming to Thetan Arena. Can you introduce some more interesting ones to us?

We are indeed hosting plenty of events and programs not only for the community but also for our partners, streamers, and guilds.

Thetan Arena also set in motion a big program named Unlock NFT Power just a few weeks ago. We are going to incorporate many brands into Thetan Arena’s ecosystem. The special thing about this program is the NFT collection that Thetan Arena is going to develop and release based on our partner brands. With Unlock NFT Power, we wish to create more content to enrich the experience of our community.

The next program, Twitter Ambassador, is customized for Thetan dedicators who always love and support Thetan. Users can register for the program, and spread the Thetan activities to their communities. By bridging Thetan Arena to more communities, users can cohere to Thetan’s ecosystem and collect the rewards.

Another program is the Guild Accelerator, which is designed to bridge the gap between Thetan Arena and the global guild community. We together with guild partners will deploy monthly activities to boost community engagement, and our guilds can receive their rewards from the total grant pool of $500,000. The program is running throughout 2022, so there will be tons of excitement for our community and guild partners.

Q7: The industry is heavily community-based. How does Thetan Arena connect with the members of the community?

We could not agree more with that statement. The community is the core of the industry as well as Thetan Arena, and we have always received lots of feedback from the members. And it’s a great thing because we get to understand the community’s concerns, what they look for, such as a hero in the game is overpowered, and features they would like to see integrated. The feedback lays the foundation for us as the developer to keep enhancing the quality of Thetan Arena and let it be among the best GameFi projects.

Simultaneously, community engagement is one of our priorities, which explains why we always come up with exciting activities and contests that everybody can join. One of our favourites is the Lucinista content. The participants have to design the outfits for the Lucinista character centring around a particular concept. The contest enables our community members to showcase their graphic design skills, and we were overwhelmed by the number of artworks submitted to us. Genuinely speaking, the talent of our community members is, without a doubt, top-notch.

If you follow our fan page, it is easy to spot many types of content from the members and even the team from Thetan Arena. There are comics, gameplay footage, memes, and all sorts of content that exhibit creativity. Occasionally, we will join hands with the members to organize mini tournaments within our community using the Custom Battle feature. We can proudly say that the connection between Thetan Arena and the community is one of the strongest.

Q8: Thetan Arena held its first blockchain-based esports tournament, Rise of Helios, a few weeks ago. How was it? Will there be more esports tournaments in the future?

Rise of Helios marked the first time we organized an esports tournament. The locations of our choice for such a meaningful occasion were Latin America and Southeast Asia, considering a large portion of the players reside in those two regions. And for the tournament to be in place, we partnered with Community Gaming, who served as our co-host.

We also received sponsorship from BabyMoon Gaming House and CoinEx to help with the exposure of the tournament and attract participants. With a total prize pool of $20,000 evenly split between Latin America and Southeast Asia, Rise of Helios drew up to 150 teams of four players each.

Needless to say, our player-base was very thrilled with the tournament. Many players on other continents even organized their small tournaments while Rise of Helios was happening. After all, an esports tournament carries a lot of meanings: it’s an occasion for gamers to display their skills, create memories with their friends and family, and take home the prizes at the same time. There will be more tournaments coming up on a much larger scale so that our players from all over the world can have the same experience.

Q9: Does the application of blockchain technology in MOBA games create significant benefits to Esport's development progress?

The answer is definitely yes. Blockchain has been implemented in many different ways and various fields, such as finance, gaming, entertainment, etc. The usage of blockchain can take esports to the next level. For instance, through smart contracts, agreements between game developers and organizers of tournaments can be improved thanks to the transparency of blockchain technology.

For Thetan Arena, blockchain has become a vital part of daily life, and we aim to make use of the technology to turn Thetan Arena into a leading blockchain-based MOBA.

Q10: Thetan Arena will soon launch its African server. Why did you choose this region and what is your next destination?

Thanks to the Guild Accelerator program, we were able to establish partnerships with lots of guilds from around the world, and surprisingly, many of them are from Africa. Thetan Arena’s data system also records a large number of players from the continent. So we wish to provide them with a smoother gaming experience by launching the local server, because how our players enjoy our game always matters to us.

About the next destination, we look at that as an open-ended question. In the end, the goal of Thetan Arena is to build a global player-base and to deliver memorable experiences to all gamers and MOBA lovers. And the data also plays a crucial role in determining the location of the next server. So same as everyone, we are eager to find out.

Q11: At Binance Blockchain Week 2022, CEO Nguyen Dinh Khanh shared about Thetan World. Can you briefly introduce this project and what the future holds for Thetan Arena?

Thetan World used to be the compass directing us where we wanted to go with Thetan Arena, and by now, we have started turning it into reality.

The scheme for Thetan World is an exclusive realm with Thetan Arena being the core, and it’s not only for projects from Wolffun Game but also for third parties who wish to incorporate and adapt the framework of Thetan World. We cannot wait to introduce different pieces of Thetan World in the second half of 2022 and a more complete picture of Thetan World in 2023.

The journey of Thetan Arena is still long and to be filled with the much-anticipated. Our team at Wolffun Game is going to make the best out of it with the interests of our players, investors, and the whole community at heart.