• August 05

    The 5th THC Burn: 5,800,000 THC Has Been Burned

    The 5th THC Burn: 5,800,000 THC Has Been Burned

    A total of 5,800,000 THC has been permanently eliminated from circulation. Thetan Arena continues to stay committed to the monthly execution of token burn.

    Transaction ID: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x5cf5ebc5d9dd7e4930cd86d1626552400ef029714df8bb0751b41e30f1f18f43

    In July, Thetan Arena officially set the Quest-to-Earn journey in motion, a chain of events and features that enables Thetanians to create plenty of memorable moments in the project. We have welcomed many new users to join us on this journey and brought back dormant users for a more exciting experience.

    August is being kicked off with the return of the community's favourite Fusion event, allowing users to acquire the most desirable heroes in Thetan Arena. At the same time, the tournament will continue to take place so that users can keep on earning rewards.