• August 01

    Fusion Is Coming Back This August

    Fusion Is Coming Back This August

    When the first Fusion event was launched in May, it became one of the most well-received releases by Thetan Arena. Participants could acquire the hottest NFT heroes in Thetan Arena by fusing old heroes they no longer desired and, at the same time, receive additional gTHG rewards from the leaderboard by spending THC.

    The impact of Fusion is further solidified by a double increase in the price of the THC token and a four-times increase in the trading volume of heroes on the marketplace, laying the foundation for Thetan Arena to continue prioritizing user experience.

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    The next Fusion will apply the same mechanics with an additional tweak: 

    • There will be individual rewards for personal milestones that a user achieves.
    • A fusion requires 3 NFT heroes, none of which is rented out or put on sale on the marketplace; One of the heroes is chosen by the user from their inventory, while the other two must be from the requirement pool.
    • Most of the output heroes will be of Epic and Legendary rarities.
    • The value of the output hero is determined by the input's level, rarity and gTHC battles. The higher the value of the input, the lower the cost of a fusion.
    • There is a refresh option if users are not satisfied with the output hero.
    • The pool of output heroes will be changed after a certain period, so users are recommended to take quick action if they wish to acquire their desirable heroes.

    Just like in other special events in Thetan Arena, the NFT heroes will play a prominent role in
    Fusion, so users should store as many of them in inventory as possible.