• November 10

    Huge Profits Are Up For Grabs In Thetan Arena’s “Trader To Player” Program

    Huge Profits Are Up For Grabs In Thetan Arena’s “Trader To Player” Program

    As of late, a variety of programs have been rolled out so that Thetanians can keep themselves engaged in numerous entertaining activities, such as Ultimate Hat-trick, Thetan Tournament, and BNB Chain’s Football Fiesta, just to name a few. One of the notables is Trader To Player, designed with plenty of benefits and rewards for crypto traders to familiarise themselves with the game if they are not used to it.

    How to participate

    Sign up for the program by filling out this form before 11:59 UTC, November 14

    The program will kick off and take place in a Telegram group. There will be instructions given out, making the program much easier to follow, so Thetanians are strongly encouraged to make use of this opportunity to take home the prize from a $10,000 pool.

    Requirements and scheme

    In order to become eligible for Trader to Player, a user must meet the following:

    • Having participated in one of the following programs by Thetan Arena in the past
      • Coinbase Loot
      • Welcome Box
      • New House Box
      • Check-in Race
    • OR joined Thetan Arena from the Play3 by Evosverse platform
    • AND having attended less than 5 battles in the game

    After their eligibility is verified the Thetan Arena’s system, users will be required to follow the scheme of the program to receive their rewards, listed as follows:

    1. Level 1: Reach the Recruit IV rank in the game + check in on the marketplace for 3 days to receive a Common hero
    2. Level 2: Reach the Recruit III rank + join the Amazing Tournament on the marketplace to receive an Epic hero
    3. Level 3: Check in on the marketplace for 5 consecutive days to receive a Legendary hero

    It is not a mandate to follow the scheme in any particular order, but it is important to note that the completion of higher levels will only count if the previous levels have been completed.

    Since the beginning, Thetan Arena has always made the experience of the Thetanian community the focal point. That is why Thetan Arena has been continuously named one of the top projects in the GameFi sector. Everybody is welcome to hop on board so that they will not miss out on any amazing opportunities down the road.