• November 18

    Fusion Is Back Again

    Fusion Is Back Again

    The hottest special event in Thetan Arena is back. Participants can not only acquire the heroes they desire but also collect gTHG rewards by spending as much THC and climbing up the leaderboard.

    List of available output heroes in Fusion

    This Fusion event will take place from November 23 to 30 on the marketplace and implement the same mechanics as the previous one:

    • By achieving personal milestones, a user will unlock individual rewards
    • 3 NFT heroes are required for a fusing, none of which should be rented out or put on sale on the marketplace; One hero is picked by the user from their inventory; the other two must be from the requirement pool.
    • Most of the output heroes will be Epic and Legendary rarities.
    • Heroes’ level, rarity and gTHC Battle points will determine the value of the output hero. The higher the value of the input, the lower the cost of a fusion. Users can opt to refresh if they are not satisfied with the outcome.
    • The output hero pool will be changed after a certain period.

    Thetanians are strongly recommended to start stocking up on heroes so they can make the best out of Fusion this time.