• December 08

    #ThetanTalks Series: The Creation of the Thetan 184 NFT Collection

    #ThetanTalks Series: The Creation of the Thetan 184 NFT Collection

    (Thetan 184 NFT collection will be available on OpenSea from December 9)

    A prominent part of Thetan Arena’s 1st-anniversary celebration is the Thetan 184 NFT collection. Thetan Arena is introducing exclusive NFTs to the public for the first time. Each NFT artwork from the set represents a hero with its distinct features and story in one of the four chapters: The OGs, Undercover Lives, Holiday Saboteurs, and Rhythm On Fire. The collection will also be one of the first BNB Chain NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace.

    The initiation of the Thetan 184 NFT collection derives from the idea of bringing web3 to the real world. Balancing the Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn attributes of Thetan Arena has been one of the priorities since the game’s inception, and as a result, the commitment to quality has helped the game to attract millions of global users, those who identify as either gamers or crypto enthusiasts.

    At present times, blockchain is getting more vital with every passing day. Economic and social values created by the technology     Collection have become more perceptible, perhaps more connected to human beings, and aligned with what Thetan Arena wishes to deliver to the community.

    The Thetan 184 NFTs are up for grabs, yet there is much more to these pieces of artwork.

    On the occasion of Thetan Arena reaching the one-year mark, the project is also publishing the first Thetan Book, a Thetan hero figure, and plenty of physical merchandise, along with various benefits accompanying the packages. They represent the token of gratitude from the team behind Thetan Arena to the Thetanians community, partners, guilds and investors, those who have supported the game over the past year.

    By taking a closer look, one can recognize that the NFTs are inspired by the heroes that represent the spirit of Thetan Arena, as many of them are also the community’s favourite heroes.

    When it comes to the name of the collection, many might question the “Thetan 184” element. In the Greek alphabet, Theta “Θ” is the eighth letter, also representing "the source of life, or life itself” in Scientology beliefs, from which the term “Thetan” originated. Along with the fact that Thetan Arena is celebrating its 1st anniversary and the NFTs will be released in 4 stories, the name is formed.

    With the Thetan 184 NFT collection rolled out, Thetan Arena is taking a further step to get in touch with the community and develop more content that will maintain Thetan Arena’s position as one of the top pioneers in the GameFi sector.