• December 02

    You Can Exclusively Own NFTs From The Thetan 184 Collection

    You Can Exclusively Own NFTs From The Thetan 184 Collection

    A prominent part of the 1st-anniversary celebration of Thetan Arena is the opportunity to take home the exclusive NFTs and receive plenty of benefits. This is a set of NFT artworks, each piece of which represents a hero with its own distinct along with a story that brings Thetanians closer to the realm of Thetan Arena.

    The Thetan 184 NFT collection will be available for purchase on the OpenSea marketplace from December 9, 2022, to early January, 2023.

    The NFTs can be viewed on Thetan Arena’s 1st-anniversary landing page.

    Choose NFTs from various packages

    These NFTs can be collected via one of the three packages: Diamond, Gold, and Silver, and each package will come with a set of items and perks, with the Diamond package including

    Stay awhile and listen to the stories

    The whole collection is divided into 4 chapters, which will be released one after another. Each chapter will contain a particular set of NFTs that share a common theme and tell their own story.

    The first chapter, The OGs, will be rolled out on December 9. Fans then get to enjoy the fascinating story of various heroes that have existed in Thetan Arena since the game’s inception. 

    *The NFTs of the OGs and their chapter will be released on December 9*

    The one-year mark that Thetan Arena has reached will continue to lay the foundation for the expansion of the Thetan ecosystem, and everybody is welcome to join the project to not miss out on the amazing journey.