• September 09

    Thetan Arena Is Being Revamped With A September Update

    Thetan Arena Is Being Revamped With A September Update

    It has been a long time since Thetan Arena last released an update that enhances the user experience. To kick off the new month, the latest update will give Thetan Arena a new look with a new landing page that comes with a gift for users, and a PC launcher for the game of Thetan Arena and an upcoming brand new project from Wolffun Game.

    The new landing page

    A new website UI has been rolled out for a fresher look and more convenience, especially for new Thetan Arena users as material sources for beginners are now available. They can find instructions on creating a Thetan Arena account and a crypto wallet, acquiring NFTs and tokens, etc. Details about the economy, achievements, roadmap, the backers and the team of Thetan Arena are also easily viewed on the new landing page.

    Users can even click on the “Trade Now” button to be directed to the website of PancakeSwap where they can swap tokens. Other features include downloading the Thetan Arena app for Android, iOS and PC, and accessing the community pages of Thetan Arena.

    Check out the new landing page

    Checking in on the landing page & get a Gift Box

    Starting on September 12, when visiting the new landing page for the first time, users will receive a pop-up that will direct them to the marketplace so they can claim a gift box that comes with a 95% chance of winning an NFT hero. Other gifts include NFT cosmetics and Power Points. Although the gTHC Battles of the heroes from the gift boxes will be exhausted, they can still be utilized for the Fusion event.

    PC Launcher: An All-in-one feature

    A PC Launcher will allow users to access the game, the marketplace and the support centre of Thetan Arena using a single portal. Moreover, the launcher will serve as the launch pad for the upcoming project from Wolffun Game, the details of which shall be revealed shortly, promising new experiences and lots of fun to both Thetan Arena hardcore players and new gamers.

    The launcher can be downloaded on the website of Thetan Arena

    Besides giving Thetan Arena a new look, the September update also makes adjustments to the Marketplace Quest feature and the Hero Trading event on the marketplace. The update is the first step in the preparation for an upcoming game, and users are recommended to follow the community of Thetan Arena to keep up with the latest news.