• July 18

    Following the Quest-to-Earn series with Marketplace Quest

    Following the Quest-to-Earn series with Marketplace Quest

    There have been multiple ways for Thetan Arena users to acquire NFT heroes, including by purchasing Thetan Boxes, trading on the marketplace, and claiming it as a reward from Coinbase Loot.

    Now, buckle up for Marketplace Quest - a brand new feature serving as the continuity of the Quest-to-Earn series that will allow users another way of getting NFT heroes to optimise their experience in Thetan Arena.

    The feature is as straightforward as it gets: several different quests will be displayed on the Thetan Arena marketplace, and each user will have the option to take on them. Completing each quest will grant them Quest Points. Once enough Quest Points are earned, users will be able to unlock a quest box, which will contain one of the multiple rewards, which are NFT heroes, NFT cosmetics, and gTHC.

    There are different quests in Marketplace Quest

    A quest box comes with several rewards with different probabilities

    Users are required to own NFT heroes to complete the quests, and they are recommended to diversify the heroes in terms of levels, rarity levels, and types. When receiving the NFT hero from the quest box, users are required to mint the hero.

    The more quests users complete, the higher they will rank on the leaderboard to receive additional rewards.

    Users can rank high on the leaderboard by completing more quests

    Daily login streak
    The most simple method of gain Quest Points is by logging into the Thetan Arena marketplace daily. After logging in, each user will have up to 300 seconds to claim the Quest Points before they expire.

    Additionally, the number of Quest Points increases on subsequent days, and keeping on the login streak will help users earn more rewards.

    Login streak helps users to acquire both Quest Points and additional rewards