• December 07

    The 7th THC Burn: 17,000,000 THC Has Been Burned

    The 7th THC Burn: 17,000,000 THC Has Been Burned

    A total of 17,000,000 THC has been permanently eliminated from circulation.

    Transaction ID: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x31bc066137bd5cfcca88e8c7ef1d4dee4223b217a8815119be9470add911e5cf

    • Token sources
      • Fusion: 4.2m THC
      • Transactions of Thetan Boxes: 12.8m THC

    Thetan Arena has finally reached the one-year mark, a tremendous achievement in the GameFi sector. The project is set for the 1st anniversary celebration with numerous activities to make the occasion memorable for both the team of developers and the community. They include the Best Fan Check-in contest on the anniversary landing page and the launch of the Thetan 184 NFT collection, the later of which comes with various benefits that will bring the community members closer to both Thetan Arena and Thetan Rivals.