• October 07

    The 6th THC Burn: 15,500,000 THC Has Been Burned

    The 6th THC Burn: 15,500,000 THC Has Been Burned

    A total of 15,500,000 THC has been permanently eliminated from circulation.

    Transaction ID: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x93bbee6f595ed62f4060d58fed634d654e79596166d3181edc37c38e96745c1b

    August and September in Thetan Arena were fruitful as various events were set in motion, starting with the return of Fusion, the Hero Trading event that takes place periodically, the SecondLive Uniform Design Competition, and most recently, the Check-in Race. Thetanians had the opportunity to take home plenty of big prizes by participating in these events.

    Now that we have entered a new month, the team at Wolffun is happy to introduce our next project dubbed #TheNextThetan, named Thetan Rivals. The project represents the first step in the expansion of the Thetan World, an exclusive space for the Thetan community with plenty of benefits in the future. With a simple concept and straightforward gameplay, Thetan Rivals will also serve to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and GameFi, allow millions of people around the world to familiarize themselves with the concept and start exploring the sector further.

    The open beta is currently available in Thailand and Indonesia. PC players can play the game by downloading the launcher, while Android and iOS users can download the open beta on Google Play and TestFlight, respectively.