• June 07

    The 3rd Token Burn: 22,100,000 THC Has Been Burned

    The 3rd Token Burn: 22,100,000 THC Has Been Burned

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    A total of 22,100,000 THC has been removed from circulation as a result of the third THC burn. More than 50% of the token was collected from the special Fusion event, the most successful program by Thetan Arena at this time. The event was playing a huge role in doubling the THC price despite the bearish trend and laid the groundwork for more benefits that Thetan Arena is going to deliver to the community

    The execution of token burn will continue to stabilize and bring balance to the tokenomics of Thetan Arena.

    Figures of the latest burn

    • Total THC burn: 22,100,000 THC
    • Token sources
      • Marketplace fee: 1,500,000 THC
      • Sales of Thetan Boxes: 6,000,000 THC
      • Fusion: 12,800,000 THC
      • Private Sales: 600,000 THC
      • Hero Rental fee: 1,200,000 THC

    As guaranteed, Thetan Arena will execute more token burns periodically as part of the strategy to fight inflation and keep the token value under control.