• October 12

    More Fun, Bigger Rewards In The Check-In Race with Fizen

    More Fun, Bigger Rewards In The Check-In Race with Fizen

    The first Check-in Race saw Thetan Arena users taking part in the event to earn their shares from the reward pool valued up to $2,250 in $THG, $GUILD and $BUSD. The success of the event opened doors for the Check-in Race with Fizen. The event this time is organised in partnership between Thetan Arena and Fizen, an all-in-one crypto payment solution. A similar set of rules to the first Check-in Race are implemented, and this time an iPhone 14 Pro Max is the ultimate reward.


    The program starts on October 12th and will conclude on October 26th, 2022.

    The Lucky Draw will take place on November 4th on Fizen’s Telegram.

    How to participate

    Participate on Gleam

    • Step 1: Check in on the Thetan Arena marketplace for 3 consecutive days
    • Step 2: Receive $2,5 in FiTan (*)
    • Step 3: Import your wallet to Fizen Super App. You will see your FiTan available in your wallet on the app.
    • Step 4: Spend FiTan for Gift Card without a gas fee on Fizen Super App

    After spending Fitan, your ID will be sent automatically to Fizen telegram as a ticket for Lucky Draw to receive iPhone 14 Pro Max.

    Rewards Structure

    • All users who check in 3 days in a row will receive $2.5 USDT in FiTan Tokens. Rewarded tokens will be distributed to users at 7:00 AM UTC daily.

    • Till 23:59 on October 31st, users can use their FiTan tokens to purchase gift cards. The leftover FiTan tokens will then all be disabled.

    For iPhone 14 Pro Max Deep Purple Lucky Draw: 

    • Get Order ID(s) and send order IDs to the official Telegram of Fizen.io. Each order ID will be counted as 1 Lucky Draw ticket.

    • The Lucky Draw will be live on November 4th, the winner will be rewarded with an iPhone Pro Max Deep Purple.

    (*) About FiTan

    FiTan is a token created for the Check-in Race with Fizen campaign and is used exclusively on the Fizen Super App.

    With FiTan, users can exchange Gift Cards, Vouchers, and Top-up Cards, and purchase a wide range of products and services from 3,000+ global brands on Fizen.

    About Fizen

    Fizen.io is an all-in-one crypto payment solution with an ambition to bridge the gap between traditional finance and complex, expanding decentralized finance by providing a user-friendly and seamless experience.

    • Fizen Crypto Super App: A cryptocurrency super wallet application that allows users to use crypto in a diverse ecosystem of E-Commerce, NFTs, GameFi, and DeFi.
    • Fizen Pay: A Payment Gateway is linked with many merchants globally, making it easy for users to make payments with crypto.

    See more about Fizen HERE.