• May 09

    Join the “How To Web3 On BNB Chain” Campaign and Take Home The Rewards

    Join the “How To Web3 On BNB Chain” Campaign and Take Home The Rewards

    About the Learn & Earn campaign

    How to Web3 on BNB Chain” is a Learn & Earn campaign co-organized by BNB Chain, CoinMarketCap, and Project Galaxy. The campaign is designed to help the users of the blockchain community learn more about numerous projects through activities that, at the same time, allow them to rightfully earn many rewards in return, which include an On-chain Achievement Token NFT issued by BNB Chain.

    There are 9 participant projects in the campaign. The rewards from each project include the tokens of the projects, the CoinMarketCap diamond, the OAT NFT badge on Project Galaxy, and the grand “How to Web 3.0” OAT NFT badge issued by BNB CHAIN".

    The campaign will be kickstarted at 8AM UTC, 9th May and closes at 8AM UTC, 7th June

    *Total prizes on CoinMarketCap*

    Joining Instructions

    Users will need to make sure they have a KYC-verified Binance ID so that they are eligible for any rewards from the campaign.


    The activities from CoinMarketCap will be available for participation from 9th May, 2022 (08:00 AM UTC) to 6th June, 2022 (08:00 AM UTC)

    1. 9 lessons from 9 projects will be combined into 1 big course at  https://coinmarketcap.com/earn/project/how-to-web3-on-bnb-chain. In each lesson, users have to watch a video to understand the project.
      1. Link to Thetan Arena’s lesson: https://coinmarketcap.com/earn/videos/begin-your-journey-in-gamefi
    2. Each lesson has 3 quizzes, so in total 27 quizzes. You can take the quiz by clicking on the yellow button of “Take the Quiz” at the bottom right of each lesson page.
    3. Those getting 27 correct answers will be chosen randomly to receive tokens from 1 project among all the 9 based on the allocation shown in the table above.
      1. For example, winners receiving THG will not receive tokens from other projects.
    4. The reward will be distributed to the BEP-20 wallet addresses of the winners within 30 days after the campaign is concluded.

    Project Galaxy

    After finishing with CoinMarketCap’s session, users can continue with the activities from Project Galaxy, which lasts from 9th May, 2022 (08:00 AM UTC) to 7th June, 2022 (08:00 AM UTC). These activities allow users to gain tokens from the projects, OAT NFT badges on Project Galaxy, and ultimately the OAT NFT badge from BNB Chain.

    1. Click on "Additional Task" at the end of the quiz form to do the homeworks on Project Galaxy
      1. Thetan Arena’s homework: https://galaxy.eco/ThetanArena/campaign/GCJiaUUHrp
    2. Once the homework is done, users can claim the OAT badge. The badge from Thetan Arena will be as below

    *The winners will have until 10th June to claim the OAT badge*

    1. OAT holders may be eligible for additional rewards from each participating project (Snapshot will be taken at 9AM UTC, 10th June, 2022).
      1. For example: 2,000 random winners will receive an addition of $10 in THG from Thetan Arena.

    Earning the OAT NFT badge from BNB Chain

    Users who get all 27 correct answers from the quizzes on CMC and get all 9 OAT badges from 9 projects on Project Galaxy can start claiming the OAT NFT badge from BNB Chain from 9AM UTC, 15th June.

    How to Web3 on BNB Chain” is going to be a memorable experience for those carrying a passion for blockchain and would like to grasp a better understanding of the industry and have a lot of fun at the same time.