• January 14

    Join Hands To Make A Difference With SOS Children’s Villages In Vietnam

    Join Hands To Make A Difference With SOS Children’s Villages In Vietnam

    Lunar New Year is not merely one of the grandest festivals in Asia. It is a heritage passed down from generation to generation as an integral part of Asian identity. On this occasion, each family will gather their members to celebrate by eating specific dishes, grabbing a few drinks, playing some games, and observing superstitions for good luck.

    Although celebrations vary in response to different cultures and traditions, they all share the running family theme. However, not all fates share the same fortune to celebrate Lunar New Year the way it is meant to be celebrated. It has been reported that there are around 26 million children in Vietnam. Despite improved living conditions in the past few decades, one-third of the number is still struggling with poverty.

    A large portion of these children are from ethnic minorities and live in rural areas, where access to education, healthcare, housing and other benefits is still limited. Many of them have their parents migrated in search of work, leaving them without proper parental care. Suffering from poverty also means these children are often forced to work at a very young age, making them vulnerable to crimes, such as human trafficking and exploitation.

    Create a difference with Wolffun Game and SOS Children’s Villages

    Being a game development company, Wolffun Game also strives for the betterment of the economy and society. SOS Children’s Villages is an NGO whose mission is to protect the interests and rights of children around the world. The organization has been intensely involved in providing children without adequate parental care with humanitarian and developmental assistance.

    As Lunar New Year is around the corner, this is the occasion for us to contribute to a fulfilling festival that every child deserves to enjoy. 20% of the revenue from the gold-packaged Thetan 184 NFTs will be donated to SOS Children’s Villages.

    The collection will be available on OpenSea until January 31, 2023.

    • For every Lunar New Year-themed NFT sold, $250 will go to the organization
      • Blasting On New Year's
      • Young Azier
      • Beast In The East
      • High Heels, Red Velvet
      • Daughter Of Emei Sect
    • For a successful sale of other NFTs in the package, $200 will be donated.
    • With $2,000 raised, we will be able to provide the children with toys, milk and stationery to help them with studying.
    • With $5,000 raised, an addition of laptops for studying will be provided along with the mentioned items above
    • Once $10,000 is raised, a medic crew will be hired to provide the children with better care and accommodation.
    Lunar New Year 2023 will also be the opportunity for Thetanians to join us and bring this festival a new layer of meaning for the children in Vietnam.