• September 13

    Acquire Your NFTs Easily Via Daily Marketplace Check-In

    Acquire Your NFTs Easily Via Daily Marketplace Check-In

    The Marketplace Quest feature is designed for Thetan Arena users to obtain NFTs by completing quests on the marketplace and earn enough quest points to become eligible for quest boxes. However, quest points can be achieved through daily check-in on the marketplace without the quests being done.

    • When finishing checking in, users can already claim the quest points, which will increase on the subsequent days.
    • Users will be rewarded with additional THC when a streak is successfully kept on.

    Earning quest points to unlock quest boxes becomes simpler thanks to daily check-in, and each quest box has an NFT hero drop rate of 80%. Moreover, users can unlock as many quest boxes as they wish, making acquiring NFT heroes a piece of cake.

    Users can solely take advantage of the daily check-in feature to get NFTs from Marketplace Quest since it takes no more than 10 days to earn enough quest points for a quest box, not to mention that there is a 90% chance of receiving a Legendary hero when opening the first box. So users are strongly encouraged to use this feature and try to keep on the streak, otherwise, it will take longer to accumulate quest points.

    Head to the marketplace and start your check-in streak right away.