• August 08

    Wolffun Is Turning 8 Today

    Wolffun Is Turning 8 Today

    Today, 8th Aug 2022, Wolffun Game is officially 8 years old.

    This day is also for us to look back at the past years, rewind every moment that has driven us to where we are today, and express our gratitude to those who have loved, supported, and accompanied us since the beginning.

    It still feels like yesterday when we were just launching Tomcat in Space, our very first hybrid pet game. This is the milestone that we still cherish until this day. And ever since then we have always carried with us a lasting idea: How to deliver some of the best gaming experiences to the public. 

    That idea eventually led us to Tank Raid Online and Heroes Strike. With these two titles, Wolffun Game expanded on the genres of the games we developed, which we are truly proud of. We still remember how thrilled we were when the latter was named “Editor’s Choice” by the Google Play Store. The game also took home the Busan G-star award and broke many records of Wolffun Game. Such an achievement laid the foundation for the biggest project of Wolffun Game yet, and that is Thetan Arena.

    It is Thetan Arena that put the name Wolffun Game on the map of the blockchain sector. The game has been able to attract more than 24 million users worldwide since its official launch. It is about to hit the one-year milestone and remains among the top GameFi projects despite the bear market. Needless to say, with Thetan Arena, most of our expectations were exceeded. 

    Within 8 years, Wolffun Game has developed more than 20 games and attracted more than 200 million gamers around the globe. We started as a small group of individuals who shared the same passion for gaming, and by now, that team has become a family of more than 90 members. Such accomplishments would not be possible without the support of our players, partners, investors, and of course, our community members. This journey is never short of thrill and excitement as we continue to achieve great success in a gaming world that, and still, it's not the final stop.

    As a gaming studio, Wolffun Game will continue to focus on creating a world that will allow our gamers to have the most fun and memorable memories. For now, let us take this day to look back at the past 8 years as well as to cheer to Wolffun Game and all the dedicated community members, and shall the journey of ours never end.