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    Thetan Book: How was Thetan Arena created?

    Thetan Book: How was Thetan Arena created?

    How was Thetan Arena created?

    "Before Thetan Arena and even Heroes Strike were developed, Wolffun Game had published Tank Raid, a game that was deemed the first 3v3 game of the MOBA subgenre. The game was also honored by Google at G-Star 2018 in Busan, Korea, as one of the best games, being named an Editor's Choice. The occasion paved the way for the trend of 3v3 fighting games. In December 2018, SuperCell launched Brawl Star with the introduction of Heroes Strike. Both Brawl Star and Heroes Strike are casual games. Heroes Strike attracted over 20 million players, laying the foundation for the creation of Thetan Arena in 2021." - Mr. Khanh Nguyen, CEO of Wolffun Game.

    "We at Wolffun Game have never missed out on the application of new technologies such as Cloud, BigData, or AI, so blockchain is no exception. CryptoKitties was our reference in the beginning when we started learning about the application of blockchain in games, then we started to realize that Blockchain could not be fully implemented to bring more benefits to gamers, at least at that time. In early 2021, things began to change, and Blockchain started becoming more popular, backed by its application in Dapps and cryptocurrency. Various chains and tokens were established to support users very well regarding convenience and easy exchange. Wolffun Game and our partners decided to use Heroes Strike as a backbone for developing Thetan Arena, a revolutionary move for our subsequent series of games." Khanh Nguyen recalled.

    Thetan Arena and Heroes Strike might appear relatively similar to each other, but in fact, the team at Wolffun Game had to make a lot of changes as the Free-to-Play game model is fundamentally different from Play-to-Earn. The gameplay of Heroes Strike is retained with new content added. Simultaneously, we focused on improving the system, including monetization and the in-game economy. A new system was designed to complement Thetan Arena, such as Marketplace, Fusion, Tournament, anti-cheat, etc.

    One of the big lessons came from our goal of building a system to serve 50,000 CCUs and around 10 million players at the launch of Thetan Arena. In reality, Thetan Arena reaching 150k CCUs was an unprecedented achievement for us, but at the same time, it also crashed our system due to the massive amount of traffic. Other lessons were dealing with token-related issues, community service, and even the on-chain transactions fee initially. They all helped us gain tons of valuable experience to do better.

    "We take pride in our games"

    Not only me but everybody at Wolffun Game is very proud of our achievements with Thetan Arena. The number of 150,000 CCUs exceeded our expectations, which was a testament to the positive reception of the gaming community for the game. Thetan Arena was the first MOBA game in the GameFi sector. The project's market value reached nearly $5 billion USD, and the project's token $THG reached $0.08 - $21 ATH.

    I am also very proud of the team at Wolffun Game that has overcome many challenges to become more mature than ever.

    The launch of Thetan Arena was proper during the quarantine period in Vietnam because of the pandemic. As unbelievable as it is, everyone worked 14 or 16 hours a day despite working from home. Our team was unable to work physically together since all the executions had to be done remotely, so mistakes often happened because of misunderstandings. Social distancing was also putting a lot of pressure on the members, causing a constant state of psychological and emotional stress due to deadlines and miscommunications. Fortunately, the entire team was unanimous in overcoming the great difficulties we were all dealing with. More importantly, what helped us strive together was the motivation to complete the game at the highest quality, creating an outstanding game in the Blockchain sector then. Everyone was encompassing the same spirit. Eventually, Thetan Arena was completed in six months, a record for the entire team. Thanks to that, we have since been more confident when it comes to developing games that will put Wolffun on the gaming industry’s map.

    What is the future of Thetan Arena?

    The launch of Thetan Rivals is not synonymous with the end of Thetan Arena. Instead. Thetan Rivals is in the process of applying the new tokenomics/economy model. Once successful, Thetan Arena and our subsequent project in the Thetan World will apply this new model.

    Thetan Arena will forever remain significant to the Thetan World’s ecosystem, with more content added in the future.

    "We can go slowly but keep ourselves on the right track to continue to make decisions that will benefit our fans. All of our games are following the same direction that has been laid out since day one. Despite facing a lot of pressure that comes externally. I think that's part of the game that we play and an interesting challenge that we will overcome." - Mr. Khanh Nguyen, CEO of Wolffun Game.


    Thetan Arena is a game that has attracted more than 20 million global players since its launch in 2021, proving the attraction and warm reception of the community. This comes from the ‘heat’ of the Gamefi and cryptocurrency markets in 2021 and its extraordinary quality in terms of visuals, gameplay, and completion. Thetan Arena is considered the top MOBA Esports game of the Web3 Gaming trend, titled ‘The Best Mobile Game’ - GAM3 Awards 2022. This is a proud reward for the development team and the whole Thetanian community, who have put their trust and love in Thetan Arena.

    I received a lot of questions from the community about whether the project was a ‘rug pull’ joke, the Dev team was not real, or whether Thetan Arena was abandoned midway through development, etc. I appreciate and thank these concerns. All questions will be answered through Thetan Book - Chapter 1, including how we built Thetan Arena, valuable events and lessons, the following roadmap, and the big goals we aim to achieve. Let’s enjoy the journey, both in the past and what is coming.

    We are dedicated to Thetanians with all gratitude and appreciation. 

    (Mr.) Terry Tran
    Brand Communications Manager of Wolffun