• March 31 • Terry

    Thetan Arena: The new Roadmap 2022 - 2023

    Thetan Arena: The new Roadmap 2022 - 2023

    The new roadmap has many phases with appropriate adjustments:

    • THG Staking and Tournament are two essential items, so we released them earlier than expected.
    • We will also bring the Minigames and eSports (*) into Thetan Arena. Moreover, both Guild Quests & Guild Wars in the old roadmap will be combined to create the whole new Guild System in the same phase.
    • The Social and Streaming systems will be released simultaneously as they complement each other.
    • The new roadmap will deliver both Avatar Hero and Avatar Pet, which will mark the beginning of the Thetan World.
    • As shown in the roadmap, we are going to balance the tokenomics and, at the same time, start creating more engagement with various target audiences, including gamers, guilds, streamers, and investors.
    This new roadmap can be altered in response to the changes in our priority for Thetan Arena at that time

    Our plan includes bringing Thetan Arena closer to the global public by launching eSports. We are confident that it will expand our community and strengthen the connection between members.

    Thetan Arena is entering uncharted territory, and it would not be possible without the undying support from all Thetanians. Our journey does not stop there, as we will continue to improve the project to create a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience for not just our community but the world.