• July 18 • THETAN

    Partnership Announcement: Wolffun Game x Carrieverse

    Partnership Announcement: Wolffun Game x Carrieverse

    Carrieverse is a joint venture between KOSDAQ-listed CarrieSoft and Korean game developer Mantisco. Carrieverse has many members who are developing the social metaverse game "Carrieverse", and the P2E game "SuperKola Tactics", and games of various genres will be on-boarded on the Carrieverse Web3 gaming ecosystem. The self-developed Cling Wallet and the governance token $CVTX fuel the Carrieverse ecosystem.

    Thetan World is an entertainment platform that Wolffun Game is developing with various Web3 gaming products under Wolffun, including Thetan Arena, Thetan Rivals, and other products, along with the UGC tool Thetan Creator. Thetan World is an open ecosystem, so third-party partners can join in developing products and IP.

    We're collaborating in the multiverse.