• January 10

    Say Hello To Rabbittail Velvet and Royalguard Cala

    Say Hello To Rabbittail Velvet and Royalguard Cala

    For a long time, Thetanians have witnessed Cala's swift movements and Velvet's sharp blades that have brought countless opponents to their knees. The two heroes have made their names, and they will continue to do so in a completely new style.

    Two new skins, Glorious Rabbittail Velvet and Glorious Royalguard Cala, are part of the Premium Legendary Box that will be available on the Thetan Arena marketplace during January 10 - 17 for 16,999 THG.

    As Lunar New Year is around the corner, Thetanians also have the opportunity to unlock Godz-rilla KongKey and Lunar New Year Velvet. In addition to the heroes, users will receive Power Points when purchasing the box.

    Time is of the essence, so jump in to see what heroes will be unlocked.