• November 26

    Important Reveal From Thetan Arena At ETH Vietnam

    Important Reveal From Thetan Arena At ETH Vietnam

    ETH Vietnam on November 25 - 26 saw the blockchain event bringing together representatives of many large-scale entities coming from around the globe. This special occasion lit a fire under all participant projects to strive for Ethereum and blockchain innovations, joining hands to shape one of the most dynamic industries of the modern economy.

    Thetan Arena, as an event participant, had the pleasure to engage with numerous young, energetic crypto enthusiasts to bridge the gap between the industry and the general public. In conjunction with the presentation by the team at Wolffun Game, we had the opportunity to reveal the first-ever Thetan 184 NFT collection, three out of which were selected as giveaway gifts to three individuals that attended ETH Vietnam. The collection will make its debut concurrently with the celebration of Thetan Arena’s 1st anniversary in early December.

    Thetanians can now pre-order the NFTs that will come with plenty of other perks from Thetan Arena.

    "On A Rampage" - 1 out of 184 NFTs in the collection

    As 2022 is coming to an end, Thetan Arena is having many plans up our sleeve to make this year go out with a bang as well as a new year that is worth the high anticipation.

    Photo gallery of Wolffun Game at the event