• April 20

    Exploring Thetan Arena With Coinbase Wallet

    Exploring Thetan Arena With Coinbase Wallet

    Starting from now, all Thetanians can access Thetan Arena and conduct transactions on the Marketplace more conveniently using Coinbase Wallet. This is a strategic move that is guaranteed to drive Thetan Arena closer to the world by making the project more accessible to the global citizens. 

    Moreover, it is with great pleasure that we welcome the community of Coinbase, who now can feel free to become a part of Thetan Arena and join us in the adventure that is never short of excitement. 

    About Coinbase Wallet

    Coinbase Wallet is a self-custody wallet that gives users complete control of their digital assets. Well-known for the flexibility, Coinbase Wallet allows a wide array of networks, which could be a gamechanger for many crypto enthusiasts.

    Thetan Arena has been striving for improvements to create the best gaming experience for our players as well as all MOBA lovers who wish to become heroes in our game. As part of the Mega Update, the partnership with Coinbase is going to open doors to opportunities for so many great things to come, for both Thetan Arena and the community.

    Make sure to follow Thetan Arena as we are entering an uncharted territory.