• August 29

    Coinfest Asia 2022 Side Event: BNB Chain Innovation Meetup

    Coinfest Asia 2022 Side Event: BNB Chain Innovation Meetup

    After the main event, Khanh also attended the Innovation Meetup hosted by BNB Chain along with other speakers of Tokocrypto and BinaryX to discuss the elements that drive a project to success.

    The community is the key

    The foremost thing when developing a GameFi project is to stay focused on both the gameplay and the tokenomics. Many developers instead choose to make the earn factor the end product when it should be one of the main features. The prioritisation on the gameplay will help build the community of hardcore gamers, who are well-known for their loyalty to fun games, and the simultaneous focus on the tokenomics in a simultaneous will effectively keep them engaged. As long as the community is strong, its members will become the backbone of a project in the long term

    Being selective when it comes to partners and investors also plays a crucial role in the success of a GameFi project. It is important to choose entities that specialise in crypto. Moreover, the size of the investment from them should be considered since it will have an impact on how far a project can go and what milestones it can achieve down the line.

    Sustainability remains a hot topic in GameFi, especially since the recent crypto winter when a lot of projects saw their biggest downturn. Such an occurrence emphasises the significance of a stable system of both the gameplay and tokenomics as well as security, which should by now be one of the top priority.

    Last but not least, for a project to prosper, it has to be transparent, and developers have to be honest with the community, including gamers, investors, partners and other stakeholders. The creation of a GameFi project should be to serve the public instead of to become solely a money making tool.

    The participation in both Coinfest Asia and BNB Chain Innovation Meetup this year allowed Thetan Arena to connect with many blockchain enthusiasts and gain many insights on how we can continue to provide more benefits to the community. There are many plans on the horizon that the team at Wolffun will deliver to the public in the near future, starting with the expansion of the Thetan World that will take the experience of the community to the next level, and everyone is welcome to hop onto this exciting journey.